Welcome to my website.

My name is Ben Casper.




I am a professional real estate investor and consultant since 2005.

I started investing abroad, and I focus on investments in England in the last few years.

My particular specialization is purchasing repossessed properties and properties from auctions

The profits come from buying at a low price,  significantly below market value, and adding value to the property by means of refurbishing, renovation, extension and ongoing buy to let.

Over the years of successful investments and consulting to investors, I have accumulated a wealth of experience.

This experience has helped me achieve a return above the industry average (exceptionally high returns – up to 20% ROI per year) from buy-to-let and even more, in some parts of England.

Double-digit returns of over 10% are considered extremely high, leading to financial security, and wealth over time.

The British real estate  market has great opportunities to offer  , for the competent investor.

For those of you who are afraid to invest in England – weather you live outside of England or not, whether you have experience in  real estate investments or not – I can say that everyone is afraid at first. I was afraid at first. It’s only natural.

That is why I started this business:

We help investors to invest in the UK, whether  they live inside or outside the UK.

We will lead and guide you through all the needed steps to a successful investment. Either if you have little experience in real estate or little time to manage your investment, we will help you anyway.

For the day to day management of the property, we recommend a management company – they can do everything for you.

This is a good solution if you have little time or knowledge about managing properties, or if you live far away.
The service we provide includes guidance and support at all stages of the process of finding the perfect property for you, and to maximize your profits.

Our goal is is to guide investors to maximize their profits and find real estate investments that suit their needs.

We offer a range of flexible services. It is also possible to enter an investment with a very low amount of money.

Investing as a partner: Starts from £8,000.

Property prices starting from £14,000.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will give you professional advice without any initial cost and without obligation.

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